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Words From Skye Hirst

I am a constant student of Life’s becoming processes and seek to more deeply know Life’s self-creating, self-organizing, coherent, and autognomic (self-knowing) wisdom-intelligence; the self-ordering ways of life as organism.



President and Co-Founder of The Autognomics Institute (TAI), 1992,

Personal and Executive Coach, Consultant, Researcher, Philosopher, Facilitator, Speaker, Host of Learning Conversations, Spiritual and Health Consultant and Jin Shin Jyutsu Bio-Energy Practitioner.

For 38 years as Personal and Executive Coach, Skye has worked with CEOs, business owners, performing artists, philanthropists, conductors, and social entrepreneurs to connect with their personal authenticity bringing their integrity into focus for peak performance, whatever the context and intention.

As Skye learned early from her acting training, there is an authentic self in each of us seeking to act with greatest integrity, and value intelligence.  As individuals feel an alignment, a “home place” within themselves, they present a confidence and flow that is compelling, impactful and effective. It’s like getting connected to an inner GPS in decision-making, problem solving and communicating for finding effective actions in any context. The results are peak performance at many levels and deep satisfaction and fulfillment. 


Education and experience:

In 1992 with her husband, Norm Hirst, Skye co-founded The Autognomics Institute (TAI) and since has contributed to the creation of two technology companies based on original research from TAI.

Since 1992, Skye has directed the TAI non-profit group doing research, consulting, facilitation and education bringing together 75 years of study recently published on the emergent field of Life as creative organism in the Cosmos and History Journal of Natural Philosophy 

Skye has a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Kansas, and a Ph.D. in human dynamics and communication from Union Institute and University in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Skye began her work life as a singer and actress, living in New York City and working on Broadway, Off-Broadway, Regional Summer Stock and Opera venues. Skye left performing to develop effective communication programs based on acting principles for Artists-In-Residence programs. She received her PhD and later, founded her own consulting firm.  Consulting with Fortune 500 companies, non-profits throughout the US including State Arts Councils and the National Endowment for the Arts, and Meet-the-Composer, she provided training and development, coaching and customized programs in effective communication, including presentations skills, team building, sales, facilitation, negotiation, public relations and community relations.

In addition to being President of TAI and Coach/Consultant to clients both locally and nationally since moving to Maine in 2002, Skye has been advisor/consultant to the Mid-Coast chapter of the Maine Women's Network; The Riley School, an independent school and consulted to Riley Founder, Glenna Plaisted, in the creation of the Riley College for Kids Art and Science Camp. Most recently, Skye is one of the founding members of a local Destinational Wellness Mid-Coast Maine,  Skye produced and hosted a weekly community radio show called SkyeVIEW, a kind of "All Things Considered."  She served on the Program Committee of Mid-Coast Magnet’s 1st Juice Conference on the Creative Economy.  Skye has volunteered for the PopTech Conference, Camden International Documentary Film Festival, and was one of the directors of Camden Area Futures Group for 3 years.  Skye has worked with Maine county commissioners on prison reform, anti-violence, anti-drug programs and research.


Currently, she is hosting a worldwide series of on-line/skype conversations on change, our times, and providing commentary on emerging research through Autgonomics perspective.  For seven years Skye has written a bi-monthly column for New England Journal of Inner Tapestry reporting on emerging insights about the Ways of Life-itself. 

Skye is an advocate and facilitator for Open Space Technology, founded by Harrison Owen.  OST is a participant-driven, organic, self-organizing process being used world-wide for meetings, conferencing, community change, planning, problem solving, where there are issues and challenges of complexity, urgency and passion.

As practitioner of Jin Shin Jyutsu (JSJ) for over 34 years, Skye applies ancient tradition and wisdom of the East, Asian and Indian forms of healing at the bio-field energy levels. Having experienced life-saving healings herself through these methodologies, she helps others to find healthful guidance and coherence balancing using these gifts from the East.  In addition to her practice of JSJ she also uses felt sense focusing; a releasing technique inspired by the Sedona Method, self-knowing imagery awareness, and the Hartman Value Inventory from which Skye draws to further her discovery and inquiry of Life’s ways at the individual level.

Skye came to Maine to work and live in its beauty where the quality of life is of high value and people take time to know their neighbors and work at democracy and protect the living environment.