Norm and Skye are co-founders among others of TAI. They bring unique perspectives to their emerging insights on the phenomenon of life and what it requires of us.

Norm's thesis emerging from his comprehensive and wide spectrum search for the role of values in science has given him both a history and experience with science of physics, information theory, logic, metaphysics and philosophy as well as mathematics and axiology that give him a perspective grounding from which he can leap, make quantum leaps into the unknown and feel at home – he shares here knowledge of this shifting reality from materialism to organism. 

Skye brings her empirical experience of using the emerging insights in coaching, healing, learning, of meeting with people up close and personal.  In this interchange, new world- views emerge out of the uniqueness of this intersection, healing and becoming true to ones own nature becomes more fully realized. Skye tells her story of life with Norm and their learning and loving together on this journey of discovery.
US Congress - Idiots in Playland

In Washington DC.  this past few months I’ve seen what kind of crazy leadership we’re saddled with.  The moderates have left town being fed up with the “stuckness” of the dialogue to finding workble solutions to our nation’s challenges.

What we've got now are Idiots in Playland because they are so disconnected from life that they cannot perceive the coherent whole.  They choose to live in an impossible reality called Playland.   By this I mean they see only fragmented bits and pieces of reality.  By hanging onto an ideology that is one they make up out of some imaginary should for the world, they keep themselves from creating, learning, growing and evolving towards a rich unity that is lasting and good for everyone. 

In any negotiation – somewhere there needs to be the possibility for change.  Just saying no to anything that does not fit your position will and does lead to warring, destructive events. as we have seen and I'm sure there are more to come if changes are not made.   Some are saying the Republican Conservatives have won, but I would say all they have won is the ability to cause war and endless fighting.