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New World Views

As we learn more about the forming acts of life-itself, and discover the ways of organisms, TAI, as well as others, are seeing that the ways life-itself and organisms function invalidate many assumptions long held by scientific materialism.  

Although this is being recognized around the world to be true, few have found how to break free of the bonds of the 2500 years of thought that dominates every known area of scientific thought.  It has even influenced values, religious thought, and how we live together on this planet with nature.

The implications and applications of these discoveries are showing promise for making new choices that can provide navigation in those complex realms of values, spirituality, government policies, healthful living, learning decision making processes, diversity, eco-consciousness, commerce and peaceful co-thriving.  

Inquiry circles form interaction between thought leaders, "front-liners," (people who are up against societal problems daily) and the researchers at TAI.  This process is to determine the efficacy, applications and implications of philosophical findings and empirical discoveries about the organizing principles of life-itself as organism.


  • Applications and Implications  ( 4 items )
  • Art/Creativity  ( 1 items )

    Life is creative and the creative process as described by so many great artists could easily be one of the best ways to begin to understand the logos of life-itself and the organizing processes that form organisms, living systems and living domain.  Artists may well help show the way to the new paradigm.

  • Eco Consciousness  ( 1 items )

    An important question now is how much of our environment is actually living and what does it require of us?

  • Education Approaches  ( 3 items )

    It is worth discussing what “educated” means especially in light of the "No Child Left Behind" Act that insists on accountability using "scientific evidence "of what has proven to work in our public school education.  The law's insistence on a model for measurement that assumes first that all children can be measured according to a "lock step" "one size fits all" approach has foisted onto every child the lowest dimension of meaning of the word, education…equating it to having a diploma or degree with "minimum" passing or failing through passing a test.

  • Emergent Paradigm  ( 2 items )

    Through out history human advancement has occurred in stages from merely staying alive through domination of nature. The next stage in human development will be the ability for humans to live together in the variety, creativity and freedom that life offers.   The stage is now set for learning how to be truly human at its best.  

    We are in the midst of a paradigm change.  Such a transition period is usually a time of chaos and conflict. The old ways are dying; the new ways have yet to be recognized.  Blossoming into spiritual maturity is exactly what is now required. We suggest we invoke the power of Pollyanna. Pollyanna is open to the richness of possibility.  Those who would think her unrealistic are stuck in a groove of limited possibilities.

  • Governance  ( 1 items )

    A miraculous unified organism functions like a jazz band with 75 trillion cells playing riffs and harmonies in 72 octaves of vibrations. It is a pure democracy with each cell functioning autonomously and yet together for the greater whole. There are no controllers. No feedback loops.  None of the concepts we have invented to understand machines can apply. Living beings are process and in no way like a machine. To begin learning to think about process new habits are required.  As you go about your life, and hear policy and study events happening in our world, begin looking for:

    • Relatedness rather then discrete individuality
    • Wholeness rather than separateness
    • Self development rather than fixed nature
    • Innovation rather than uniformity
    • Fluidity rather than stability
    • Activity rather than passivity

  • Health and Healing  ( 1 items )

    No single system of health-care can address the infinite variety of life. No system of thought can encompass the infinite variety of reality!  This becomes especially relevant in the ways we care for the body/mind.

  • Peaceful World  ( 4 items )

    Within every living human being exists essential driving functions of Life, or organizing processes that need to be fulfilled and realized. They are both biological and spiritual in nature.  It’s a kind of inherent wisdom that organizes the day-to-day processes of living for the way the organism or being develops, grows, and finds meaning.   When living environments recognize and support the realization of these processes in individual beings, something happens that is magical but also quite explainable.  When these processes are suppressed, oppressed, or inhibited in ways that prevent their realization, abhorrent behaviors, more than likely, develop to lesser or greater degrees in the child and or later as an adult.  To be fully realized, as a human being is the fundamental desire of every living being, whether they know it or not.  This is the most sacred of rights, the right to individual freedom of process…. to realize ones own personal intentions of fulfillment at whatever level whether personal, family, worldly pursuits, spiritual understanding and, or all of it.

  • Personal Development and Life  ( 5 items )

    In dealing with life, all life develops from within, not from without. He/she who forgets not to be child-like will live a successful life of meaning and fulfillment.

  • Spiritual  ( 4 items )

    Altruism is important because of the oneness of life; that is all our lives affect all other lives. When we turn our back on someone in need, there is violence, a rip, in the fabric of the oneness of life. The laws of life transcend the laws of materialism.

  • Value Intelligence  ( 4 items )

    Values are processes that form and act as active filters within us moment to moment as we experience our daily affairs. Values are not things, states or facts. When reality was perceived as “things,” values were named as things outside us to aspire to.  In living processes in the new reality, we discover value dynamics and how they form within each of us uniquely as our experience develops in the processes of life.