Towards A Science Of Life As Creative Organisms ~ Norm Hirst June 1, 2008
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In Memory of Norm Hirst - His Reflections

My Reflections on my 8oth Birthday   3/8/2012   


The question should be how does matter arise from life? Life is creative, but everything in flux would simply be chaos. As a ground for building order, life takes on habit - overpowering habit. The result is matter, entities that no longer are capable of self-acting. There is more to reality than we knew. Could there be living patterns of energy? Is there a biofield in pre-space creating matter?


Biology of the past is more like physics. That biology has led to the study of structure where we wind up with nothing but misleading guesses as to what processes are going onNow, electronic biology has been discovered. The living energy structure in our bodies is electronic and biophoton energy flows.  


Szent Gyorgi said If Nature wants to do something she will find a way to do it if there is no contradiction to basic rules of Nature. She has time to do so.  (Living Nature also often works with more complex systems than the physicist uses for testing his theories.)


From the organizing principles of life we can learn better choices for acting, both individually and for social functioning.


Life is sui generis, that is, Life-itself is unique and in a class by itself. It cannot be compared to or explained by physics. Life is primordial activity, which Bohm called the implicate order.


By Life, here, I mean the organizing principles that are creating all forms of life.

An organism is not calculating, and second of all, it is connected to the requirements of its environment. Living organisms must live in an organism environment to function. Organisms function to conform to coherence conditions imposed by their environment while co-creating coherent acts through internal processes that individuate and add their uniqueness to the whole.


Thus organisms have a Janus character. Janus was a Roman God with a double-faced head, each looking in opposite directions at the same time. An organism is looking both to its own unique experiences while sensing what also can be unique contextual conditions of the moment. Thus to develop their unique contributions, organisms must harmonize this reality and that is accomplished through the use of inherent value intelligence. I have found that this requires values as guiding force, as opposed to cause and effect.   

In life, valuation processes are pervasive. We have lived with materialism too long to remember the qualities of life. It seems to me that many are trying to live as if they are machines; we are not well suited to being robots. It is the adventure of living fully that gives life meaning.  A Life VIEW gives us new assumptions about reality and that's where we re-discover love and value dynamics by which all of us find our way.



Life's Diversity and Beauty
Autognomics: Self-Knowing Coherence Processes - Radical Consciousness

The ultimate test of any set of new primitive ideas is not whether or not they make sense in themselves initially, but rather whether or not the world makes more sense when seen from the new viewpoint made possible by taking them as a whole. Norm Hirst   Foundations for a Science of Value

A most basic step is to recognize the environment we need to understand. We were comfortable in the world of materialism. We now know the limits of materialism.  We need to distinguish systems created by causal relations, machines, versus systems created by value relations, organisms. That is the essential defining characteristic separating our knowledge of machines from organisms. The basic problem is that causal laws are applied in attempts to control the livingNorm Hirst   See Theory Proposal

I do not think quantum theory per se will lead us through the mechanistic deadlock… to further understanding. Instead, we need a thoroughly organicist way of thinking that transcends both conventional thermodynamics and quantum theory. I have focused on the notion of quantum coherence and the attendant nonlocal intercommunication as the expression of the radical wholeness of the organism, where global and local are mutually entangled, and every part is as much in control as it is sensitive and responsiveMae Wan Ho, leading biophyicist




Recent Papers

Value-Intelligence In All Creative Organisms ~ Skye Hirst with Assistance from Norm Hirst. August 2010

Robert Hartman discovered a value intelligence inherent in all life as early as the 1950's but he was ahead of his time.  Now learn how this value lens is formed within and how we can access it using the HVP.

Using the Hartman Value Profile as used in coaching by Hirst she discovers the absolutely unique inner landscape within that each individual has developed, we discover the world of values and value dynamics/intelligence from which we human beings and perhaps all organisms find effective action for life and living.
Published in The Robert S. Hartman Institute Annual Journal CLICK HERE

What People Are Saying

 What I Learned from Norm and Sky Hirst And How It Changed My Life
by Rodney Plimpton

Before I met Norm and Skye I had a pretty good handle on how Life worked, or so I thought.  I had a PhD in Social Psychology from Stanford, had studied Human Potential for Five years with Jean Houston, knew all about stimulus-response and something about cybernetics.  I didn’t consciously realize how much my model of life was based on a popular concoction Darwinism, materialism, elitism, and computer science.

Medicine in a New Key

Conventional medicine is dying ultimately because it is based on an obsolete dominant mechanistic model that does not recognize the coherence of the organism

Dr. Mae-Wan Ho explores how a science of the organism could underpin a new organic medicine that would best serve the nation.

Visit to learn more.

New organic Way for Medicine

The philosophy of Hans Jonas inform this paper by Schwartz and Wiggins to surmount the mind-body dualism plaguing Western thought. They show us the ways of organism; the difference between inorganic and organic reality and how each being must begin from its own direct experience of life in self and in others; and then how the two meet in the living being.  Since life is ultimately one reality, their theory presents the polarities that must be reintegrated by psyche with soma such that no component of the whole is short-changed, neither the objective nor the subjective.  Here they define the polarities within living beings and the requirements of organisms to live and thrive.



"The real value of science is it provides knowledge of how to do things, based on how a process or thing actually works." ~ Norm Hirst